Monday, June 23, 2014

Not Good Morning Mail

This was in my in box today:
 Hi Lee, Jennie was in a car accident in Billings this evening.  She was taken to the hospital and the Cat Scan was ok.  She is really shaken up and will be sore for a while.  She thinks her car is totaled.  John and Becky went to the crash site - I think there were multiple cars and the accident was on the news.
She is staying at John and Becky's tonight-they are leaving on a trip tomorrow.  I will either fly up tomorrow or she if she can fly here to recuperate.  She was supposed to move to a new home tomorrow.
Jen will call you tomorrow-she didn't want to call you in the middle of the night.  I will keep you updated.
Love,  C
I talked with her a couple of hours ago. She is still shaken, but otherwise OK. She's probably going to be stiff & sore for a while. Her car may or may not be totaled, depending on the cost of the repairs. If John was correct, and he found a piece  of the crankshaft, that is a given.

Three cars - her, the one that hit her, and the one it bounced off of.

Apparently everyone walked away.

I wish I could get out there...

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Friday Garden, and More!

Re-screening the back door. As always with these old houses. prep takes the most time.  Witness:

Establishing shot...

Some of the gazillion stapes I still need to remove.

And structural repairs.

I imagine that the huge number of staples is a result of pulling off old screen and stapling new screen on. By the looks of it, a number of times. My plan is to tack the screen up with staples, then nail or staple on some nice trim to hold it in place

The garden:

The kitchen bed. I'm training the muskmelon and watermelon out of the bed. Plastic bags to keep grass and weeds down.

Pepper sprouts! (No, I don't remember if they're Poblano of Serrano...)

Purple Basil flowers.

Baby Blackberries!

The one intact Early Girl. She's in front of the patio, because it seemed so bare.

Tiger Lillys!

I do not know what has knocked the onion and garlic down!

Tomatoes and (I believe) muskmelon! (Compared leaf shapes at the nurseries yesterday.)

Tomato, Quince, and (I think) pumpkin.

Last, but not least, Royal Candle. Smallish, I suspect, because I moved them so close to blooming.
My return from the job interview yesterday took me near enough to York and the Big Box stores that I swung by Lowe's and Home depot, looking for Rosemary. The only ones to be had were at Home Depot. They were potted in 8' plastic pots. Asking price was $14.99.  Even if I were flush wit' cash (and I'm not) I would refuse the exorbitance.

Frugal. C 'est moi.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Latest Garden

Front Tall Bed

Back Tall Bed

Leaf Sprout on the Quince Stick!

First Royal Candle!

Garlic and Onions

Tiger Lilly Buds



Friday, June 6, 2014

D-Day Friday Garden

First, to the WW II vets - thank you.

On the left, Capt. Jordan Webber, my uncle. My dad, on the right, S/Sgt George Webber
The garden:

Panorama one...

...panorama two.

seeds have started to sprout here.  Quince stick has an actual leaf!

Garlic and onions abound.

Onions, tomatoes and sprouts.

Kitchen bed with new additions.

Blackberry with blooms.

Death by capsaiciin - a Ghost Pepper.

Two new Oregano plants. That should be enough!

An Early Girl tomato.

Went to three places, and no one had any Rosemary.  Nor have I seen the Big Mama tomato, thus the Early Girl.  I'll keep looking...

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Adventures in Shopping, Mid-Week Friday Garden!

I want to move my phone service from Boost to MetroPCS.  I use the phone as my internet connection, and Boost has a 2.56 gig cutoff, after which I'm basically at the end of a string poked into a tin can.  Metro claims to offer a true, all-you-can eat service for about $15.00 more a month than I'm paying now.

Their website leads me to believe that I can use my phone on their system.  The folks at BestBuy, where I went first, told me that they couldn't transfer my phone number, because they weren't set up to do that.  The young lady at the MetroPCS store told me it couldn't be done because of phone incompatibility.  Since I was about to run out of phone, I went to Weis and got a phone card, and topped my Boost account for another month.  I figure I'll handle the whole transfer thing over the interweb next month.

Anywho, that left me some cash, so I decided to plow it into the garden.  Four bags of topsoil for the kitchen bed, and plants:

Sweet Basil (top), and Basil.  I've never seen blue basil before!

4th of July Tomato.  Supposed to have fruit in 6 - 7 weeks



Roma style tomato, in the front deep bed.
Onions and garlic!

Yellow Tomato

Blackberry, weeded and trimmed.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday's Friday Garden

Got the kitchen bed "framed".  I used 2" X 8" pine boards.  It needs a couple more bags of dirt before I plant in it. 

The front double bed now has an Early Girl tomato and sweet onions.  It will also be home to a Big Momma Roma hybrid if/when I find one, and melons.  Tomatoes are on the south side of the bed, so as not to shade anything else. 

The low bed is 1/2 garlic, 1/4 red onion, and 1/4 sweet onion:

The back bed now has a yellow tomato in addition to the Quince and Blueberry sticks.  This will be pepper land.

Buds on the rose bush:

Not sure what these bulbs are:

 King's Candles starting up:

My bake and take mini-green house, an aluminum baking pan with a clear plastic lid.  Trying to start peppers. melons and pumpkin.

 The Blackberry:

Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Garden

...late winter edition.

It's supposed to freeze again tonight.  But, no precipitation like we had Tuesday night.  Ran errands this AM, including getting dirt for the garden.  It was nice enough that I went ahead and got the beds as ready as I could:

I have the kitchen garden dug up.  I want to put cedar boards around it to raise it a bit, and improve the soil.  Which has a fair amount of clay in it. This will have Rosemary, Oregano, Sage, and maybe a tomato.

I have the front tall bed cleared, and two tomato cages ready to go.  I'll put a couple of melons on the left side, and *maybe* a couple of peppers down the middle.  Two bags of top soil for the kitchen bed.

 I adde a couple bags of soil to the back bed, and moved the Quince tree to the far corner.  There's a blueberry stick in the front right corner, and a tomato cage in the back.  More peppers, or maybe a melon here. too.

Got the rose bush pruned back last week, and it's starting to bud out a bit.  Got the debris out of there, so that part of the garden is more accessible right now.

The low bed is half full of garlic.  These are left over from last year that over-wintered in the ground and have sprouted around the garden.  I collected them and stuck them in the dirt last week, too.  Topped this bed off with some fresh soil, and re-planted them individually, except for the little one that are bunched together in the background.  I plan on onions in the back half of this bed.

No sign of Tiger Lillys or Kings Candles yet.  I have some Gladiolus bulbs that I'll plant as well, maybe this weekend.