Sunday, March 22, 2015

Reading List Addition

I usually add sites to my "Reading List" without a comment. Same with removing them. The list is fluid, changing with sites I find, and my outlook on the world.

However, I want point out my addition of One America New Network, a cable channel based in San Diego, California. It aims to be the "next Fox", in a complimentary way. They are striving to be a real news channel, claiming 21 out of 24 hours are devoted to news.  And the talk shows are supposed to be talk, not yelling, and have viewpoints from all over the political spectrum,  I'ce skimmed their website, and it looks pretty good.  The channel is available on ATT and Verizon fiber TV services.  I'm going to poke around a bit and see if they stream anywhere on line.

Go, check them out!

(h/t Weasel Zippers, also a good source for news)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Accomplished Something!

Over the course of the last two terms at school, I have been in some relatively serious self-doubt about my teaching ability, and my "fit" with the school.  Among other things, it has me looking for work somewhere else, and not necessarily teaching.

I have a student who has issues that are affecting his attendance.  He can do the work, he's just not in class enough to really show it, which makes it difficult for me to coach and evaluate him.  He appeared in class last week, and afterwards, I offered to stay after and help him get caught up.  He seemed happy for the offer, and we left it at that.

Yesterday, he was in class for the full time.  I stayed after with him to help him get his projects up to date.  Happily, he was able to get two of the three he needed to do done.  The third is pretty simple, but his computer needed to do updates before he could complete it, so we called it a day after about an hour and a half.  We agreed that he would run updates next time during the lecture/demo part of the class, so he could finish the last missing lab.

He appeared happy to be caught up, and I felt like I had actually accomplished something positive.

Nice change.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

I Am Now Officially Old!

As of about 4AM West Coast time today, I have been on planet for 65 orbits around the Sun.

Lt to Rt: me, Martha, Lane

Martha and me, on a social call

Out in the yard ca. 1954

Andi and me, junior prom, 1967

Sunset, San Simeon beach, 1970 (taken by Jen's mom, Carole)

Jen's Grad Nite, before us parents got locked out.

Luncheon, post Jen's swearing in to the California Bar

Koda and me, doing what we do best

Pacuare River, Costa Rica, 2003
My internet 'persona', 2004
So far, it's been a hoot!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Hello, Benny of PA!

The pack has grown by one new member - Benny:

This is Benny on his way to his new foster home a couple of months ago.
He has fit right in. Suzu and Griffin did the obligatory olfactory check (as did Benny), and that was about it for the first encounter.

He's hopped up to join me on the couch a couple of times - he is a serious snuggle-bug.  Seems pretty bomb-proof, not easily startled. Barked as I walked along the side of the house, so I now have the guard dog/alert dog function covered.

He does like to bark when he's excited. He stops if I clap my hand or stamp my foot in front of him, so the should be an easy correction.  He does not like the stairs here, but then who does?  They have narrow streads, and are pitched at a 45 degree angle, so they are a challenge.

But!  He's here, he fits in, and seems to be quite happy!

Benny at home in the office.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Advancing Decrepitude

As of today, I am Officially Enrolled in Medicare!

I clearly remember this!

That is all.

(BD in two weeks...)

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Say Hello to Griffin!

We have a new member of the pack/clowder, Griffin!

Checking out the living area

At home in the kitchen,

On Dakota's old chair.
He's thirteen, seems to be in very good health.  He has a bald patch on his lower back, where he scraped the hair off crawling under the fence to get out.

I 'rescued' him from a woman who has to move, and her new home won't allow dogs.  He's a bit homesick, I think, for his buddy, Charley.  He and Suzu sort of pass each other in the night.  No aggression, no visible bonding.

He ignores Baxter, and I haven't seen any attempts at interaction w/ Nadia.

He's on the floor by my feet as I type this.

I need to get him to the vet, and find an obedience class to join, so he and I can get some structured time together.