Thursday, September 1, 2016

Buy A Nun A Book Day approaching once again - September 17.  Once again, I will be sending books to the good Holy Names Sisters who taught me in my callow youth.

It's a nice way to say "Thanks"!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Photo Dump

Missy found the box The MoP used to ship spices to me as payment for working on her web site. 

Disassembly of the monitor w/ the dead power supply. It apparently eats capacitors, so I dusted off my electronic soldering skillz.

The instructional video

Concurrent disassembly.
It's back together and working fine.

Potato harvest:
Min 'taters

More-or-less regular size 'taters.

How many drivers does it take to jump start this truck?

Looks like three, plus the driver.
The carpet in the living area desperately needed cleaning. Here, drying...

Front door & closet trim paint finished!  Transom window re-installed!!

Griffin on his spot on the (missing) carpet.
Caturday pic:

No. I got this...

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Life, The Universe, The House and Everything.

I see that I haven't done a non-whiney house post in almost 4 months, so I must be overdue! This will cover a couple of months, what with more tarping, the 4th of July, the garden, and the start of painting. So, in more or less chronological order, here we go!

This was the garden, pre-hail...

Lettuce, onion, and lemon grass in a pot.

Potatoes (rear), onions, and garlic.

Kitchen bed - oregano, rosemary, basil and onions.

Started life as a melon-from-seed bed, turned into strawberries and peppers.

First oregano harvest!

Border bed oregano

Border bed potatoes (there are more in the 'empty' spot on the right.

Strew flower seeds according to directions. Nada.

Smoking dinner...

The Heirloom purple tomatoes. Yes, they wound up getting dry rot, too.

Next, when I tarped the second floor roof, I took the opportunity for some aerial photos:

Top: potatoes, lettuce & peppers Bottom: Onions/garlic, lettuce & peppers, strawberries & peppers. Notice the addition of the final raised bed, next to the potatoes. This became home to lettuce and a Ghost Pepper. Strawberries and peppers bottom right.

Two views of the kitchen bed:

Tarping. The roof is not going to get repaired any time soon, so I want to keep the elements from causing any more damage (if that's even possible). I used garden pavers to hold things together.

Baxter sunning himself whilst I tarp...

First go-round. I've added more pavers since.
Starting to paint. White walls, with a sort-of denim blue for the trim. I've painted two walls as accent walls, using the Modern Grey that I used in my room

Stairway /dining room wall


First trim coat done.

From basement door to stairs

Inspection and approval.

Next, the garden as of today!

Lemon Grass

The heirloom tomatoes

What's left of the potato bed. The heat wilted the greens, and the rain accelerated the weed growth to ludicrous speed.

Potato bed, post clean-up (Reminds me... got to bring the shovel in!)
Blackberries and remaining potato plants

Did get a big, fat, juicy, tasty blackberry today. Now I understand them!

Border potatoes. Did much better than the raised bed. They were shaded from most of the hail.

Strawberries and peppers

Kitchen bed, post weeding. Pile o' crap on the right. Wilt-y tomatoes are wild, transplanted from the compost heap.
First of two piles...

...second of two piles.

I did assault weeding in all of the beds except the garlic/onion bed. I dug up as many potatoes as I could find - about 1/2 of a 2.5 gallon bucket. Got reds, some blue, whites, and Yukon Gold.

Veering back to the 4th of July at @PeeteySDee's compound, I was tasked  with supplying deviled eggs with Jalapeno and bacon. I decided that a batch with Wasabi and shrimp  might be interesting. Those turned to be the hit of t he two.

Last but not least, fungus in the kitchen:

Will have pix of the (more) finished painting Real Soon! Need to do some more trim, one wall, and the ceiling.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Stress Relief

Much needed after this week!

I hear they're petitioning for a screened-in porch!

Many, many thanks to @amyalkon

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Bad Year For The Pups...

I got this from Deb yesterday:
(H)ad to have my beautiful little poodle put down today. He was 16 years old and had been with me since he was 8 weeks old. We did obedience classes, played fetch, took agility classes, drove cross country...
That would be Curly. 
Last month, she posted this on her blog:
Shadow, my adopted geriatric Shih Tzu, died this morning around 10:30. He wasn’t with me long — only about 5 months. Back around Thanksgiving 2015 I adopted him from the local animal shelter when it appeared no one else would and I was deeply troubled by this dog’s situation. You see, it appeared to me that he had been essentially dumped because he was old and blind. The truth, of course, was probably much more complex than that.
(Go read the rest.)

Her remaining dog is Muppet, whom she got back when we were both in durance vile at ITT. Rowdy and Chester are (in theory) her Dad's dogs. (I believe Deb and her Mom actually do the day-to-day mainenance.)

And last April I lost Suzu, here getting a bit of a bath from Baxter:

I read a remark somehere that 'animals don't have souls, but they do have spirits'. I'm not a fan of the "Rainbow Bridge" thing, but I hope and plan on seeing some of the critters again.

When God created dogs, he said to himself, "These things are really great. I'll be wanting them back sometime later."

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Well, Hail!!

Found out from a co-worker yesterday that hail had hit Red Lion. Found this when I got home:

 The potato bed.


 Lettuce, peppers, onions and garlic.

 Kitchen bed.
Kitchen bed and border beds.

 Lemon grass.


Tomatoes, again.

Judging from the damage to the local trees, the hail blew in from the north. This (I think), accounts for the lack of damage to the border beds and the strawberry pot, which were in the 'shadow' of the patio roof. The lettuce is pretty much shredded (read "dead"). The walkway by the kitchen bed smells like onion.  Given that the stalks and stems of the lemon grass, tomatoes, onions/garlic, peppers, and potatoes are still standing, I'm going to watch and see how the do in the next week or so. I will also be conferring with my local gardening informants about what to expect.

Took the dogs for a walk after I took the garden pics. The pictures will explain all of the green 'shrapnel' strewn about.

 More below the fold: