Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Garden

...late winter edition.

It's supposed to freeze again tonight.  But, no precipitation like we had Tuesday night.  Ran errands this AM, including getting dirt for the garden.  It was nice enough that I went ahead and got the beds as ready as I could:

I have the kitchen garden dug up.  I want to put cedar boards around it to raise it a bit, and improve the soil.  Which has a fair amount of clay in it. This will have Rosemary, Oregano, Sage, and maybe a tomato.

I have the front tall bed cleared, and two tomato cages ready to go.  I'll put a couple of melons on the left side, and *maybe* a couple of peppers down the middle.  Two bags of top soil for the kitchen bed.

 I adde a couple bags of soil to the back bed, and moved the Quince tree to the far corner.  There's a blueberry stick in the front right corner, and a tomato cage in the back.  More peppers, or maybe a melon here. too.

Got the rose bush pruned back last week, and it's starting to bud out a bit.  Got the debris out of there, so that part of the garden is more accessible right now.

The low bed is half full of garlic.  These are left over from last year that over-wintered in the ground and have sprouted around the garden.  I collected them and stuck them in the dirt last week, too.  Topped this bed off with some fresh soil, and re-planted them individually, except for the little one that are bunched together in the background.  I plan on onions in the back half of this bed.

No sign of Tiger Lillys or Kings Candles yet.  I have some Gladiolus bulbs that I'll plant as well, maybe this weekend.

Monday, March 17, 2014

New Time Waster...


I opened an account so I could Tweet when I put up a post.  Sadly, it got out of control in the last month, and I've spent a significant part of my time over there.

Which has to stop.  I stumbled into a potential money-making gig about a week and a half ago, and we met today to start getting our brains around it.  I walked away with a pretty good list of things I need to do.  In addition, I need to get some things sorted out at the office here at home in order to support what I'll be doing there.

Yes, I'm being deliberately vague about what it is.  I think we need to get the proverbial ducks lined up before I make a big to-do about it here.

But I'm optimistic about it.

And I'm saying the (Alan) Shepard's prayer, too.  A lot!

Friday, February 14, 2014

The Day After

I'll need a Sherpa if I want to go get a sandwich!

Subway  is open, but opened late.  The guys have been digging access tunnels from street to store.

Looking west from my steps...

...and looking East.
Aaaand, another advisory from 11PM tonight till 4PM tomorrow.  Another 2"to 4"predicted.  Like we need it.  Guess I'm having a "white"birthday.

Oh. Yay. Whoopie.  Woo. Hoo.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

2-13 About 10 AM Update @ 1:25 pm, Again @ 9 PM

Update II 9 PM:

Zero traffic. Windy and snowing.  More to come.

Update 1:25 PM

Drift by the fence:

Stairs?  What stairs??


View out the back window, facing South. About a 3 foot drift on the roof outside:


Even Subway is closed:

In the 20s.  Very quiet...only the occasional vehicle goes by.  Most of those are big rigs.  Got a ping that the library is closed.    Snow is coming down steadily but not heavy.

Chili is on "Warm" (heh).  We are all in my bedroom, staying warm.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hunkering Down

The local forecast is not cheerful.  Here's the map:

I'm just about right between the "York" label and the minus sign in the "9 - 12""

Prepped, tho:

Crock Pot of Beef Chili Simmering

Cast Iron Skillet o' (Yankee) Cornbread

Dishes Washing
Laundry is going, and trash and recycling are out.  Friday is pick up day, but who knows exactly when they will pick up and I don't want to slog the stuff out thru shin-deep snow.  Taking a cue from many of the neighbors, who have their items out!

Still a few inches of snow (and ice) on the ground from the last go-round, so we're going to be Well Under It.  No salt to be had anywhere, even from the big box stores in York.

As the sign said" "Whoever has been praying for snow, good job."

Now, please.  Stop.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Customer Service 101 (Updated!)

Update:   One of the replacement DVDs arrived in yesterday's mail.  Looking worse off that the one pictured below.  I called, and they are going to sent out Yet Another Copy of "Tesla, Master of Lightning".  I'm wondering if I will ever get to watch it.  And more extra DVDs are supposed to be on the way!

I just received the second in a row busted DVD from Netflix today.  Like the previous one, it was almost cracked in half, from the center out to one edge (I finished the job to put it out of its misery!):

Since it was the second in a row, I gave them a call.  I told the nice young man what the problem was, and gave him my account information.  We agreed that the problem could be anywhere, and also agreed that it sounded like some handling equipment that was out of whack.  So, their job now is to figure out where the out of whack machine is, and get it fixed!

He asked me to call them directly if it happens again.  That way, they can get more info than the on-line form provides ("It's broken", basically).

And for my trouble, he is sending out an extra DVD.  (He also hinted that if I were to call again, I could probably get another extra DVD!)

As such things go, that was pleasant.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wednesday A.M.

The iceman hath been on and gone!

The Juniper, under sticky snow covered with ice.

The Blazer...



Out the office window...


And that's the local weather report.