Sunday, November 22, 2015

Bah Effing Humbug!!!

OK. So, I got a load of oil Friday.  No rush, figured I get the furnace going Saturday.

Here's the resulting e-mail convo:
Well, I'm shopping for heating.  I've looked at replacing the old radiators w/ similar new ones, but I don't think they'd be anywhere near 'hot' enough.  Depending on the calculator I use (and the underlying assumptions made by the coder), the downstairs (12' x 25' x 9') needs anywhere from 12,000 to 20,000 BTUs/hour to stay warm!  The replacement 'old fashioned' radiators put out about 900 BTU/H.
From what I can tell so far, the Runtal vertical rads can do the job,  The ten pipe puts out 1400 BTU/H/ft, so two 8 foot panels should do the trick. Here's a link to the product page, and I've attached the PDF brochure. Their site has a boatload of information, everything except pricing. These would be special ordered, altho it seems that they do it on a regular basis.  The 'replacement' radiator is on the order of $500.00.  I can't guess what these might cost.
Did you get the pix I sent of the dead ones? For now, I'm toying with the idea of moving the one in the kitchen out to the living room.  Some heat would be better than none.  I just hope it doesn't fail like the other two.
Bah effing Humbug.
On 11/22/2015 3:19 PM, Deb wrote:
OOPS! missed the info that the radiators needed replacing. If we can make the budget work, I think these vertical ones would be best. Find out how much and how soon. I'll see what I can do about money.

Meanwhile, wear layers. I'm told it helps. :)
Had trouble sending from my phone.

Here are the pix.  This explains all of the water pouring into the basement around the feeder pipes when I turned the heater & water on.

Dining room

Living room
Can't get one of the fittings to budge, so I'm just going to get an 1-1/2" cap tomorrow.

Did I mention it will be below freezing tonite?

Yeah.  Good times.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Random House Stuff

As often happens, one of my e-mails seems to be a blog post.  This one is no exception.  I had some house stuff to discuss with my friend, the owner:
I've been busy shopping and repairing.
I got the 4x4x12s into the basement and located. I think I mentioned before, I need one more of those jacks, which I plan on ordering when the $$ hits the house account.  Then, the fun begins.

I've replaced the light fixture in the laundry room. It was driving me nuts because a) it insisted on not hanging level. I suspect a small, localized gravity abnormality, but I can't be sure. B) is the fact that I kept smacking it whenever I pulled things like sheets or bed spreads out of the washer - just not enough vertical clearance.

So, bronze and white, LED:

Do you want the old one back?  The glass is awaiting a run thru the dishwasher, and the fixture is safely hidden under the little bench you left here.  It's not Hobnail,  so I thought I'd ask.

And, I have the old lamps re-shaded in my room:


And finally, I like this for the bathroom:

I picked up another day per pay period at work. I'll see what 40 hours nets me next Friday.  I'm beginning to accumulate serious Winter Gear, since I'll be out in it for about 8 hrs at a pop!  Got galoshes for when we get serious rain, and Merino wool socks.  Looking at some snow boots that have 200 g of Thinsulate in them, and some nice thermal undergarments.  Will probably spend some of the house $$ on heating oil.  There's a Turkey Hill on the way to work that sells it ($1.99/gal.), so I got a 5 gal 'Kerosene' can (blue, not red), and have put about 20 - 25 gallons in so far. *But*, it's not lighting. (Put in a new fuel filter, too.)  Thinking I'll ask the fuel folks if they n take a look and get it going.  Bah.

I've decided that when Suzu turns 16 in about a month, we're all having Ribeye.  We all deserve that kind of treat, her especially!  (One for me, split one three ways for the pups - I'm doting, not crazy!)

And that's it from PA!