Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Garden Update

I haven't been blogging or Tweeting much, lately. But the garden has been growing and transmogrifying itself, even tho I have been somewhat neglectful.  Regular rain has helped.

So, here's what happened since last time:

Tomato and potatoes are berzerk.

Griffin inspecting the low bed w/ scavenged tomatoes, and the peppers and melons.

A look over to the kitchen garden.

One of the Thai Hots.

And the Anaheims.

Tomatoes mas grande'!

Smaller tomatoes.

And the potato harvest! Upper-left, red, to the right, white, and three random blues.
The tomatoes have all gotten infected w/ the dry rot (brown leaves, black spots), so the tomato harvest is just about done. I've been giving them away at work, and pureeing and freezing them at home. Got a new key for the outside freezer and defrosted it, so there's plenty of room. May have to go get more quart jars.

The Anaheims are just about ready to come up. I have two young Muskmelon on the vines. The Sunflowers have gone to seed, and I've pulled up about half of them. Some of the Honeydew have survived, and are starting to stretch out.

More, later!