Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Well, Hail!!

Found out from a co-worker yesterday that hail had hit Red Lion. Found this when I got home:

 The potato bed.


 Lettuce, peppers, onions and garlic.

 Kitchen bed.
Kitchen bed and border beds.

 Lemon grass.


Tomatoes, again.

Judging from the damage to the local trees, the hail blew in from the north. This (I think), accounts for the lack of damage to the border beds and the strawberry pot, which were in the 'shadow' of the patio roof. The lettuce is pretty much shredded (read "dead"). The walkway by the kitchen bed smells like onion.  Given that the stalks and stems of the lemon grass, tomatoes, onions/garlic, peppers, and potatoes are still standing, I'm going to watch and see how the do in the next week or so. I will also be conferring with my local gardening informants about what to expect.

Took the dogs for a walk after I took the garden pics. The pictures will explain all of the green 'shrapnel' strewn about.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Roof In Pictures

I have requests out to a couple of roofers to get estimates on this mess:

These above are the exterior part of the roof, from a recent post. 

Here's what prompted me to say "F**k it, I'm out!!" last Saturday, when I resumed tearing into the ceiling to start repairs:

You're not supposed to see daylight where the joist should be, right?  And you can see the damage to the wall header (the darker bottom wood). 

Closeup of the joist remains. The solid wood in front is, as near as I can tell, a nailer for the ceiling lath, and not part of the roof or wall structure.

I also started tearing out the lath and plaster that I'll need to be replacing. I was able to punch through what was there in these three bays, using only my gloved fists. (Purely a comment on the state of the walls, not my punching-fu!)

I haven't told Doc yest, because:
Saw PCP today. Did a "routine" EKG. Have been referred to a cardiologist. Apparently I have had a hear attack at some time in the past, maybe 8 years. hmmm
I'm thinking she has enough on her plate right now, so I'll break this to her when that's in her rear-view mirror.