Saturday, August 2, 2014

Long Time, No Garden

Last time a posted about the garden was late June.  Things have changed.  But first, some of the fruits of my labors:

My very own canned produce.  On the left, crushed tomatoes.  On the right, not pineapple, but also crushed tomatoes.  The yellow tomato plant is going like gangbusters.  The latter is going to be used to make a chicken chili.

The kitchen garden.

The Basil is doing fine, as Basil is wont to do.

The tomatoes are not fairing so well. I do not know why.

Another view.  The Rosemary is healthy.  Unseen but also healthy are the two Oregano plants.

Front high bed.  Pumpking and tomatoes are well, as are a few of the pepper plants (hidden in the pumpkin).

 The Yellow tomatoes, and what I now believe is Honeydew melon

An almost ripe cluster of yellow tomatoes. The are meatier, and a bit less juicy, but they put up just fine. Also, a couple of Peppers hiding behind the Pumpkin.

The last Early Girl.  Some fruit is forming.

Blackberry.  I actually got eat the one that the critters didn't get.  Yummy!

The one red tomato that it still reasonably healthy and producing.
Once again, the Romas are coming in the what I'm calling "flat-bottom rot".  It isn't actually rot, but the bottom part of the fruit is flat and brown.  This has happened for the last two seasons.  One of the tomatoes from the bush directly above also had it.

Google is my friend.

In other news, I got bacon, and made bacon and tomato sandwiches.  Life is good!!