Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Bad Year For The Pups...

I got this from Deb yesterday:
(H)ad to have my beautiful little poodle put down today. He was 16 years old and had been with me since he was 8 weeks old. We did obedience classes, played fetch, took agility classes, drove cross country...
That would be Curly. 
Last month, she posted this on her blog:
Shadow, my adopted geriatric Shih Tzu, died this morning around 10:30. He wasn’t with me long — only about 5 months. Back around Thanksgiving 2015 I adopted him from the local animal shelter when it appeared no one else would and I was deeply troubled by this dog’s situation. You see, it appeared to me that he had been essentially dumped because he was old and blind. The truth, of course, was probably much more complex than that.
(Go read the rest.)

Her remaining dog is Muppet, whom she got back when we were both in durance vile at ITT. Rowdy and Chester are (in theory) her Dad's dogs. (I believe Deb and her Mom actually do the day-to-day mainenance.)

And last April I lost Suzu, here getting a bit of a bath from Baxter:

I read a remark somehere that 'animals don't have souls, but they do have spirits'. I'm not a fan of the "Rainbow Bridge" thing, but I hope and plan on seeing some of the critters again.

When God created dogs, he said to himself, "These things are really great. I'll be wanting them back sometime later."