Saturday, February 11, 2017

Yesterday Was A Great Day!

I really have to allow a couple of extra minutes for my trip to work in the morning, and remember to bring the camera.

Yesterday started out with a beautiful drive to work. We had snow the day before, just enough to cover most everything with about 1/2 to 1 inch, enough to make everything look like the cliche'd 'picture postcard'. What made it so striking was the false dawn painting the sky a deep orange between horizon and clouds, coupled with the blue the remaining night tinged the earth. I drove through that for a little over half my commute.

Rocky, one of the guys at work, is an avid naturalist, at least as far as birds are concerned. I was in the shed, keeping warm whilst waiting for the van, when he banged on the door to tell me to get out an look at the snow geese. They were migrating in the largest flocks of birds I had ever seen. Flights of them kept passing over ever few minutes for over an hour.

The one decent picture I managed to get doesn't do the spectacle justice:

A very small part of a very large flock!
Finally, the funny. We have two mechanic/drivers from Puerto Rico, who are close buddies. Andy is extremely voluble, always joking and talking about something. The other, Kenwell, is quiet and slightly menacing in manner, reminding me of an East L.A. 'vato'.

So. I was working the ramp, when one of the drivers said 'Look at that." I turned around to see Andy  with the 2 foot wide roll of heavy shrink wrap we use to wrap cars when their windows won't close, wrapping one of the 'blue rooms' shut. (Our name for the blue porta-potties all over the lot for our convenience.) I could see from the indicator that the door was locked, meaning it was in use!

Andy had wrapped Kenwell up in the blue room. I saw the door being pushed out as he tried to get out, but what I didn't see (I had to marshal a car up the ramp) was a knife blade poke out between the frame and the door, and cut through the wrap. Inspired!

So, a beautiful sunrise, more lovely birds than I've ever seen in one place, and some classic comedy.

All in all, a great day.