Saturday, June 30, 2012

Friday Garden IV (Late)

It was too frikkin' hot yesterday to go out, stand in the sun, and take pictures.  It's not as hot today (90+), but there's a good cloud cover plus a breeze, so it was tolerable enough.

You may notice that the chicken wire enclosures are down.  The melons and squash were attempting a break from confinement.  I decided to set them free so they could concentrate on making actual melons and squash, instead of fence climbing.

So, without further delay...

The Herb Patch

Baby Romas


Early Girl
The Raised Beds

Thai Peppers (new), corn and melons

Melons, melons, squash and corn

Nectarine Stick

Quince stick, garlic, sunflower and more Thai Basil.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Friday Garden III

Re-booted other box, it saw the SD card just fine.  (When in doubt, reboot, a.k.a. "Hit it upside the head with a 2 by 4!")

I found the little map I made of the sprouting trays.  I had them outside to stay warm in the sun.  Unfortunately for that plan, we had a couple of days of rain, and I neglected to move them to safety.  I was afraid that the seeds might had drowned, but I planted them anyway.  I did not have the foresight to map out what I planted where, so its going to be a bit of a surprise in some cases.

The list, from the 3x5 card is:
  • Ghost Peppers
  • Poblano Peppers
  • Victorian Perfume Melons
  • Tiger Melons (I wrote "Tigger")
  • Red Corn
  • Watermelon
  • Honeydew
  • Miniature Corn 
I also planted a cantaloupe from a starter, and also from seed.  Some garden predator dug up all of the miniature and red corn, so I re-planed the red, which is all the corn seed I had left.

Now for this weeks pictures:
The herb patch

Baby Roma tomatoes!

Baby Blackberries!

The raised beds

Melons, squash and corn.

Melons and corn

Garlic and Thai Basil

The solitary Sun Flower

No more Tiger Lillies

Royal Candles are burning down.
The Nectarine stick

Slight delay...

The box with the CF card reader doesn't seem to want to read it (worked OK last week), so I can't get the week's garden pictures off of it.  Will take phone out and use it.  Ta-da!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Garden II

Week two of garden world:

Rosemary, Oregano, Sweet Basil, Thai Basil

The Basil patch



Raised beds

Over the week, the squash, corn and peppers have sprouted!

Melons are growing, some more corn has sprouted.

Tiger Lillies are fading...

Royal Candles (a.k.a. "purple thingies" last week)


Quince stick in front, cut back rose bush behind (way less shade on the bed!)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

About this blog

I grew up in Los Angeles when newspapers were, well, newspapers.  I avidly read two columnists who wrote for the L.A. Times,  Matt Weinstock and Jack Smith. They weren't political columnists, they were observers of life around them.  I remember Matt Weinstock writing about the phenomenon of traffic on the Santa Monica freeway slowing as it went thru the cut between Normandie and Rimpau.  For unknown reasons, drivers slowed as they went thru, in either direction, no matter what time of day or night. (Except late at night, when the kamikaze rice-rocket boys blasted thru traffic at near warp speed.)

Jack Smith wrote mostly about his life in his neighborhood just North-East of Downtown L.A.  Of the two, he had the longer run, and I enjoyed him the most.  He is the one who is providing the inspiration forthia blog.  I intend it to be about life in my new home town, in the tradition of Mr. Weinstock and Mr. Smith.  If I could write half as well as either of them, I'd be twice the writer I am now.

(Re-posted from leelu's place.)

Friday Garden

I am attempting a modicum of discipline with this blog.  As a start, I plan on documenting the progress of my garden on a weekly basis.  So here is week the first:

Clockwise from top:  the compost bin, rosemary (about a year old), oregano (also about a year old), sweet basil, and Thai basil (purple tops).  You might be able to see the onion tops in front if you look closely.

Thai Basil

Tomato Patch - about 5 or 6 varieties

The raised beds

Watermelon and peppers, plus some corn and squash (not yet sprouted)

Cantaloupe, honeydew, and corn.  Some garden predator has dug up the red corn seed, and the remaining shoots, as you can see in the back.  (Even after I put up the chicken wire.  Guess it wasn't the chickens...)

Garlic in front, quince "stick", (someday "tree") in middle.  Replaced dug up corn w/ one Thai basil and onions.  Possible sunflower in upper left, and rosebush overshadowing upper center/right.

Tiger Lillies

Purple Thingies