Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Adventures in Shopping, Mid-Week Friday Garden!

I want to move my phone service from Boost to MetroPCS.  I use the phone as my internet connection, and Boost has a 2.56 gig cutoff, after which I'm basically at the end of a string poked into a tin can.  Metro claims to offer a true, all-you-can eat service for about $15.00 more a month than I'm paying now.

Their website leads me to believe that I can use my phone on their system.  The folks at BestBuy, where I went first, told me that they couldn't transfer my phone number, because they weren't set up to do that.  The young lady at the MetroPCS store told me it couldn't be done because of phone incompatibility.  Since I was about to run out of phone, I went to Weis and got a phone card, and topped my Boost account for another month.  I figure I'll handle the whole transfer thing over the interweb next month.

Anywho, that left me some cash, so I decided to plow it into the garden.  Four bags of topsoil for the kitchen bed, and plants:

Sweet Basil (top), and Basil.  I've never seen blue basil before!

4th of July Tomato.  Supposed to have fruit in 6 - 7 weeks



Roma style tomato, in the front deep bed.
Onions and garlic!

Yellow Tomato

Blackberry, weeded and trimmed.