Monday, November 25, 2013

The Past Catching Up!!

Last week, I got a 'ping' on LinkedIn from the only summer intern I ever had working for me.  The last time I ever heard from her was early in 1991, shortly after contestant #3 and I were married.  She called just as the wife and I walked in the door from work.  Here's what I told my her friend in an e-mail:
"That last phone call you made one Friday evening damned near put a crashing halt to marriage #3.  We both worked (in)  Huntington Beach, me on Space Station, she on CAD Support & Training.  After you and I had been chatting for a while, I realized that her usual pattern of going back to the bedroom to change, and then coming out to start dinner hadn't obtained.  After we hung up. I went back to see what was what.  The first words out of her mouth were something to the effect of "Is this how it;s going to be... you talking on the phone to your girlfriend while I (do whatever she said she was doing)?"
We'd been married only a few months.  I'd known her for about six or seven years.  So I thought.
The phrase "I'm screwed!" came to mind, as I recall.  That particular marriage lasted about five years.  It probably would only have been three, but I was reprieved to Detroit for two of those five."

I rambled on for a bit longer. closing out the e-mail with a line about " here in a small town that has no Starbucks."

And thus, the new tag for this blog was born.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Small Town Life... two pictures.

Once again, we are under the ACLU's radar:

This one almost has me committed to getting up and attending the service tomorrow:

Barney?  Godzilla?  Stuffed animal representations?  Motor oil?

Those of us who remember life before color TV, stereo FM radio, and jet airliners??

Interesting ministry...

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Minion

I carved a pumpkin last night, for the first time i I don't remember how many years.  (I suspect my daughter, at a young age, was involved, but I have no recollection.)

Both my daughter and I think Gru's minions are absolutely great, and can't wait for Minions (the minion movie) to be released!  Soooo...


...and lit!
I have pumpkin guts that will become pepitas (roasted pumpkin seeds).  And the pumpkin itself will be cut up and steamed, to make the base for a pumpkin pie or two.

I handed out candy, too.  Haven't done that since Maryland.    I stood out on the front porch, telling folks to "Come on up!", since my minion by itself didn't seem to be an encouragement to come up the steps to the door.  More decoration next time, I guess.

Mostly little ones, with a few olders.  Don't think I saw anyone over 12, if that.  All with parents, all polite.  Some of the littlest blanked on "Trick or Treat", and when I asked them what to say, the answer was usually "Thank you" instead.  And yes, they got their treat!