Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Garden

...late winter edition.

It's supposed to freeze again tonight.  But, no precipitation like we had Tuesday night.  Ran errands this AM, including getting dirt for the garden.  It was nice enough that I went ahead and got the beds as ready as I could:

I have the kitchen garden dug up.  I want to put cedar boards around it to raise it a bit, and improve the soil.  Which has a fair amount of clay in it. This will have Rosemary, Oregano, Sage, and maybe a tomato.

I have the front tall bed cleared, and two tomato cages ready to go.  I'll put a couple of melons on the left side, and *maybe* a couple of peppers down the middle.  Two bags of top soil for the kitchen bed.

 I adde a couple bags of soil to the back bed, and moved the Quince tree to the far corner.  There's a blueberry stick in the front right corner, and a tomato cage in the back.  More peppers, or maybe a melon here. too.

Got the rose bush pruned back last week, and it's starting to bud out a bit.  Got the debris out of there, so that part of the garden is more accessible right now.

The low bed is half full of garlic.  These are left over from last year that over-wintered in the ground and have sprouted around the garden.  I collected them and stuck them in the dirt last week, too.  Topped this bed off with some fresh soil, and re-planted them individually, except for the little one that are bunched together in the background.  I plan on onions in the back half of this bed.

No sign of Tiger Lillys or Kings Candles yet.  I have some Gladiolus bulbs that I'll plant as well, maybe this weekend.

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