Saturday, June 21, 2014

Friday Garden, and More!

Re-screening the back door. As always with these old houses. prep takes the most time.  Witness:

Establishing shot...

Some of the gazillion stapes I still need to remove.

And structural repairs.

I imagine that the huge number of staples is a result of pulling off old screen and stapling new screen on. By the looks of it, a number of times. My plan is to tack the screen up with staples, then nail or staple on some nice trim to hold it in place

The garden:

The kitchen bed. I'm training the muskmelon and watermelon out of the bed. Plastic bags to keep grass and weeds down.

Pepper sprouts! (No, I don't remember if they're Poblano of Serrano...)

Purple Basil flowers.

Baby Blackberries!

The one intact Early Girl. She's in front of the patio, because it seemed so bare.

Tiger Lillys!

I do not know what has knocked the onion and garlic down!

Tomatoes and (I believe) muskmelon! (Compared leaf shapes at the nurseries yesterday.)

Tomato, Quince, and (I think) pumpkin.

Last, but not least, Royal Candle. Smallish, I suspect, because I moved them so close to blooming.
My return from the job interview yesterday took me near enough to York and the Big Box stores that I swung by Lowe's and Home depot, looking for Rosemary. The only ones to be had were at Home Depot. They were potted in 8' plastic pots. Asking price was $14.99.  Even if I were flush wit' cash (and I'm not) I would refuse the exorbitance.

Frugal. C 'est moi.

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