Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday's Friday Garden

So, three weeks since my last garden post.  Things have changed:

Potatoes are running rampant the foreground (six of eight have sprouted). Early Girl and two Anaheim peppers in the background.

The rose stick is filling out, and has several new shoots coming up from the bottom.

Royal Candle (not "King's Candle") is filing out.

Onions and garlic (and weeds).

Reverse view on the peppers and potatoes. One of the new Thai Hots is in the front left corner.

Tomatoes and peppers. Three more Thai Hots, and a row of sprouting Poblano Serrano next to the seed starters.

Benny is guarding the lettuce and oregano.

The basil sprout.

Both of the tomato pods have taken off after the rain over the weekend.

Oregano, random onion, tomato, and lettuce.

The blackberry.
 I'm told that the blackberry needs pruning if I want it to be a bush rather than a vine.  I have no clue how to prune it, so a trip to the interweb seems in order.

The mystery melons.
The Mystery Melons are beginning to look suspiciously like sunflowers. Which is OK, but I really wanted melons.  I planted honeydew seeds in front of the sunflowers, and will be looking for cantaloupe the next time I'm at the garden store.

I finished running a new water line to the spigot on the patio, and purchased a new garden hose. (The old one was more leak than hose, and way too long to manage.) Now I can water without having to make trips to the kitchen to fill the watering can. Which also makes filling it when I feed the plants much easier, too!

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Deb said...

This looks super! I'm envious.

Sadly, for probably the only time in history, it's just about too wet here to grow much of anything that isn't already well established. The back yard is a swamp. George & Martha love it and Fred takes walks more often. But the rest of us are tired of muddy feet.

Be sure to can some salsa!