Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snow Days...

Here, in pictures, the snow:

Work, Friday at about 4 PM.

Drift on the A/C

Backyard, snow drifting over the wall and stairs.

Snow up to the bottom of the front storm door, about 4 inches deep.

North-west on Broadway.

North, across the street.

West, across the neighbor's front porch.


One of my bedroom windows.  Snow *inside* the storm window.

Subway from my room.

North-west from my room.
Notes: 1) Sorry about my finger in the pix. Trying to work around a bandaged index finger to trip shutter. (Pro safety tip - don't grab masonry bit fresh from drilling masonry!)

2) Apparently no sandwiches or pizza tonight.

3) It ain't the snowfall, it's the drifts that are gonna be fun to deal with.

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