Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Garden Du Jour

In spite of the house's best efforts to the contrary (see previous post), gardening is actually getting done. To whit:

Establishing shot 1

Establishing shot 2
The little pig shaped sign is from the Doc. It is a lament on the dearth of bacon seeds. And yes, weeding is needed.

Top bed, garlic & onion; middle bed, lettuce, peppers, and more onion; bottom bed hidden melons seeds.

Kitchen bed, oregano, basil, rosemary, strawberries, and onions. (And maybe my finger?)

Future melon patch.

The Salad Box: onions, orange bell and Dragon peppers, and salad (Red Lettuce and Red Romaine).

Garlic and onion.

The Oregano part of the patio border,

Strawberries on the left. Bare patch is hiding two Russet potatoes that got overly sprouted. #ScienceExperiment

Blackberry (This time for sure!! </Bullwinkle>)

Lastly, three potted tomatoes. I have had less that stellar success with them over the years, due to what I called 'dry rot'.  I gather that it is a soil issue, and rather than carpet bombing the beds, I thought I'd try a pot. Another #ScienceExperiment

I have also attempted to organize better, and not over-plant. I've tried cramming far too much into the beds, with the result that some things could not produce as well as I hoped. So, this year, potatoes all by themselves, a bed of nothing but garlic and onions.  The salad box will only have enough peppers to thrive, surrounded by onions and lettuce. Melons all to themselves, too. The biggest problem was all of the tomatoes I tried to cram in. They made it difficult to impossible for much else to thrive.

And thriving is good!

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