Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Garden, 2013

It has begun to warm up on a regular basis around here -  supposed to get up to 57 deg today!  The natives are exhibiting signs of Spring Fever, and I'm a bit twitchier than usual, too.  Not being able to get around doesn't help.

BUT!!  I am doing a new Science Experiment (I loves me a good science experiment)!  Last fall, I harvested, dried and saved seeds from plants grown in the garden.  (OK, and one store-bought item - the Red Bell Pepper.)  Yesterday, when I was at the local hardware emporium, I saw the seed starter kit and got one.  It has thirty-six pots in six separate trays, all held in a larger tray.  I just finished populating it with said seeds, and here is the result!

Instructions, starter tray, seeds and map.

Closer on the tray and map.
The map!
The notch on the lower right of the card corresponds to the notch I cut from the corresponding corner of the tray (hidden by the map).  That way, in a month or so, I will know which sprouts are which, because I know which end on the tray is "up"!

I'm trying to start Poblano peppers, Red Bells, Thai Hots, Honeydew melons, Butternut squash, and more Red Bells.  The Poblano section is sub-divided, because I had some Mulato Poblano seeds left over from last year.  I'm pretty sure that the Poblano seeds I saved were Mulato, because those were the only Poblanos the Doc planted, but they looked a bit different from the ones I had saved. More as that develops!

The tray will live on the Pepto-Bismol(TM) pink shelf at the back kitchen window until they sprout.  Now all I have to do is get the garden beds ready.

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