Thursday, May 16, 2013

Best Baseball Game Ever

I found this article over at Breitbart:

Dodgers Pitcher Plays Catch with Kid in Outfield Stands Before Game

(RTWT at Breitbart)

This story reminded me of the short-lived Long Beach Breakers.   It was an AA team that played that the Cal State University Long Beach baseball field from 2001 thru 2002.  They only lasted two years (as did their league) but I got to see them two or three times.

My daughter and I decided to go see a game one Sunday.  It was pre-season, so we were able to get box seats, looking directly down the first base line.  In the box next to us was a woman with a small child.  My guess was that she was Grandma.  During the pre-game warm-up, the first baseman came over to talk with her.  As he came by, he shook our hands.  I felt like a kid when he did that.  It was the first time in all my years that I actually got to interact in any way with one of the players.  To make it even better, late in the game, he hit a grand-slam home run.

Best game I ever saw.

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