Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Garden 2.1 (Updated - Now with bigger landscape photos!)

Progress is progressing slowly, as am I.  I can stand for a bit unsupported, and walk a bit as well.  I really, really want to get the garden going, so I'm pushing myself some.  Good for the body.  Good for the soul.

First, what has over-wintered:

The quince tree, and some garlic and red onion

The Tiger Lillies


The Juniper, after some serious hackage.  I plan on taking that sagging left side off, as soon as I can get my hands on a reciprocating saw.

Finally, the Blackberry stick.

 One or two things that didn't make it:

The rosemary in the kitchen bed died.  The nectarine stick (not shown) never came to life, so I declared it dead and uprooted it.  I pulled down the compost stack, so I could move it back to where the late, lamented nectarine stick was planted.

New and Improved, Phase One:

I moved the old bed that was at top/center, and doubled the height of the bed on the left.  Double height beds do MUCH better because of the clay soil.  I moved it rather than adding a new one, because Ace had new ones for $10.00 less that Home Depot, but they put together with screws, rather than the slide-in dovetail tongue and grove assembly  The low bed will be for onions and garlic, after I do some leveling and add some more dirt.

Next, get stuff stuck in the dirt!  (Technical farming term, that!)  Early Girl tomatoes in front corners, "Big Momma" Roma hybrid in the back corners. Two different watermelon on the right and closest between the tomatoes, cantaloupe between tomatoes on the left, and yellow and green bell peppers in the center.

More items, awaiting planting.  It was in the 90s yesterday, didn't crack 60 today, with chill wind and heavy cloud cover.  Sun predicted for the weekend, so manana.  There are more Early Girl tomatoes, white onions, and Poblano and Adobo peppers.  The tomatoes and peppers will go in the older double height bed, after I get in and weed it.  The red and white onions will go in this bed, and I'll be hitting the grocery store for a couple of garlic bulbs to plant here, too.

Phase Two - Caging the Wild Tomato!
New tomato cages this year - enamel coated/painted, in a variety of colors.  When I'm done, I'll have eight tomato plants - six Early Girl and two Big Momma.

Two caged Big Mommas!

 Two caged early Girls.

The newest double height bed in its final configuration.

 Lest we forget the kitchen bed:

The oregano not only made it thru the winter, but it had an offspring!  The original is just out of frame to the left, the new one is upper left.  One Early Girl at the upper right, two Sweet Basil headed this way, and the new Rosemary at bottom center.  One other Basil behind the new Oregano, and Sage in the middle.

I've used compost from both the outdoor pile, as well as from last year's worm bin, so a small science experiment to see if it helps with the shallow bed and kitchen bed.

None but one of my seeds sprouted, and it died, so that was a science fail.  Foo!

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