Sunday, September 29, 2013

Friday Garden, Sunday Edition

I spent some quality time in the back this afternoon - got as much of the weeds knocked down as two weed eater batteries would let me.  There are still a few things growing and producing, plus the surprise that was waiting for me when I got home last month, hidden in the weeds!

I got the kitchen bed pretty well cut back.  There are a couple of non-weeds left, too:

 One Thai Hot Pepper plant, with baby peppers.

An almost embarrassing abundance of Sweet Basil!

A seriously mangy Oregano plant.

And some Sage.  Not much, but some!

The new 'deep' bed, with tomatoes and peppers living together (not next year!)

One of the "wild" tomato plants.  Blossoms, but no fruit, yet.

Potted Pepper Land... just about finished, I suspect.

More tomatoes and peppers, and the Quince stick.  Not  too sure about it - about 50% of its foliage has been brown for most of the summer...

Same bed, different angle.

Remains of the onion and garlic - a few scraggly onions, and a small bunch of Thai Hots, with green peppers.

Finally, the potted Rosemary, and the surprise!  Two years ago, the Doc planted Dill Weed.  We were surprised when none sprouted last year.  It is, apparently, called a weed for a reason, and we were expecting to to take over the kitchen bed.  But no.

I spotted this one about a month ago, as I was beginning to get the garden cleaned up.  It doesn't seem to leave a scent on the hand like Rosemary and Basil do, but when I dug it up and was sorting out its root, I definitely smelled Dill.  I thought I'd pot it to see if it will survive until next Spring.

Stay tuned!

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