Monday, September 16, 2013

International Buy A Nun... (Updated x4) (and bumped!!)

...A Book Day!

Update IV:

Time's running out!  Get out there and buy that nun a book, dang it!!

 Update III:

Got this from the Sister to whom I'd written:
Thank you so much, Lee. I can identify some Sisters who will be thrilled to receive the books.
Sister Kathryn
Update II:

My book club has notified me that two of the books I've requested have been mailed.  No word back from the convent, tho...


 Didn't hear back today, and since the day is next Tuesday, I went ahead and ordered books that I've enjoyed and though the good nuns might also.  Here's my e-mail:
Hello, Sister,
As the 'official' day is next Tuesday, I went ahead and picked out four book to be sent to directly you for distribution.  They will probably be arriving over the next week or two, which is a function of how the swap club works.  Each book will be coming from a different member, so arrival is a function of how soon each member gets to it, and how far it has to travel.
I wound up ordering three books that are favorites of mine, and one similar but different from a series I have read from.
They are:
A Letter of Mary, by Laurie R. King
The Dante Club, by Matthew Pearl
The Tao Te Ching, by Lao Tsu, translated by John C. H. Wu
The Best American Short Stories 1997, ed. by Kenison(?)
I hope you all will enjoy them!

I wondered what books to get, and who to give them to.  I suddenly realized/decided that I wanted to send them to the nuns (or the order, anyway) who taught me in grade school.  I've managed to track down the "Mother Ship" convent in California, and sent an e-mail off asking what books might be appreciated.

So, if you know (or knew) a nun, buy her a book!

(This seems to be a word of mouth/blog thing, so pass it on!)

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