Monday, November 25, 2013

The Past Catching Up!!

Last week, I got a 'ping' on LinkedIn from the only summer intern I ever had working for me.  The last time I ever heard from her was early in 1991, shortly after contestant #3 and I were married.  She called just as the wife and I walked in the door from work.  Here's what I told my her friend in an e-mail:
"That last phone call you made one Friday evening damned near put a crashing halt to marriage #3.  We both worked (in)  Huntington Beach, me on Space Station, she on CAD Support & Training.  After you and I had been chatting for a while, I realized that her usual pattern of going back to the bedroom to change, and then coming out to start dinner hadn't obtained.  After we hung up. I went back to see what was what.  The first words out of her mouth were something to the effect of "Is this how it;s going to be... you talking on the phone to your girlfriend while I (do whatever she said she was doing)?"
We'd been married only a few months.  I'd known her for about six or seven years.  So I thought.
The phrase "I'm screwed!" came to mind, as I recall.  That particular marriage lasted about five years.  It probably would only have been three, but I was reprieved to Detroit for two of those five."

I rambled on for a bit longer. closing out the e-mail with a line about " here in a small town that has no Starbucks."

And thus, the new tag for this blog was born.

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