Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Minion

I carved a pumpkin last night, for the first time i I don't remember how many years.  (I suspect my daughter, at a young age, was involved, but I have no recollection.)

Both my daughter and I think Gru's minions are absolutely great, and can't wait for Minions (the minion movie) to be released!  Soooo...


...and lit!
I have pumpkin guts that will become pepitas (roasted pumpkin seeds).  And the pumpkin itself will be cut up and steamed, to make the base for a pumpkin pie or two.

I handed out candy, too.  Haven't done that since Maryland.    I stood out on the front porch, telling folks to "Come on up!", since my minion by itself didn't seem to be an encouragement to come up the steps to the door.  More decoration next time, I guess.

Mostly little ones, with a few olders.  Don't think I saw anyone over 12, if that.  All with parents, all polite.  Some of the littlest blanked on "Trick or Treat", and when I asked them what to say, the answer was usually "Thank you" instead.  And yes, they got their treat!

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