Thursday, July 2, 2015

Friday Garden (w/ a Visitor!), and House!

It's been a busy week here - Getting the screen door rebuilt, painting the new bedroom, and getting the new coating on the roof. I've also met a new visitor to the garden, and finally managed a picture or two!

OK... screen door:

First time I've had the table saw out since I moved back here! I'm ripping a 2X4 down to 5/4" to fit the slot where the old door post lived

The 5/4" slot, with a bit of siding trimming going on.

This is where it stands as of now. It latches, so I can keep the kitchen door open and not lose and dogs or cats!


The continuing showers have encouraged the garden to go bee-zerk:

Peppers, tomatoes, and potatoes.

More tomatoes and peppers.

Yet more tomatoes, and melons.
New Thai Hots!
First tomato!
The onions and garlic are getting sturdy.
More green tomatoes.

Cantaloupe blossoms.

Mostly oregano and basil.

Anaheim peppers.
Our visitor! He's (?) keeping an eye on me as I take his picture and move from the car to the stairs.  I doubt he's as big as a softball. First wabbit I've seen here. I call him "Bun-bun", Doc thinks of him as "Thumper". Pete Abrams vs Walt Disney, I guess.

The container is only about an inch higher than the soil in it, so it gives you a sense of how tiny he really is!

I watch for him when I bring the dogs back for a walk. Grif has only spotted him once out of four times that I have. When he did, he lit up, but didn't strain the leash. He does seem to be a bit more interested in poking around the garden, though.

I've decided that I need better pix of the painting and roof coating, so more, later!

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