Monday, June 22, 2015

House And Garden - Now With Updates!


Turns out there is a bit of a ding in the left hand (ice maker) door. Noticed it after the guys who installed it had left. (Don't think they had anything to do with it.) Steve will get started in on getting a new door for me.

We have a baby veggie predator in the garden!  I was just bringing the dogs back from there walk when I spotted a baby bunny wabbit! Not terribly much bigger than a softball. None of the dogs saw it (we were w/in 3 ft of it when I spotted it). I think Grif did spot it after it high tailed it over by the patio wall, because he lit up a bit.

Terminally. Cute. And I didn't have my phone with me. ;-p

Lots of things happening!. The new fridge arrived, and has been installed:

Awaiting the new arrival.
And more Friday Garden pix:

Future Sunflower!

Since there's a lot, more after the fold!

Before (above) and after (below)

The new coolness!

Not, perhaps the artsy ad pic, but it's mine!

The big freezer drawer.
Update! Now with brew-y goodness!

Meanwhile, out in the garden...

Even the mystery tomatoes (in the back of the front-most bed) are taking off!

All of the rain we've had in the last couple of weeks has gotten everything growing!

Maybe there is something to this theory of water falling from the sky for the plants, rather than irrigation? Weird.

Almost as green as Costa Rica!

Grif vs, the sunflowers.
Speaking of Griffin... he had the rest of his first set of shots yesterday. He was a bit droopy on the way home, but seems in fine shape this morning. I'm curious to see of the dewormer will help with what I suspect is a chronically upset tummy. I surmise that from the way he's been eating sunflower leaves.

 One more thing. We had to do just a *tad* bit of remodeling to get the new coolness in the back door:

Gave the new reciprocating saw a work out. Next, off to get some lumber and trim to put it back together.

I love this place!

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