Saturday, July 21, 2012

Friday Garden VI

As I mentioned before, blogging was curtailed last week due to lack o' internet.  The melons and squash have pretty much taken over everything.

Herb garden

The two north raised beds are merging...

Trying to keep the melons & squash from dragging the corn down!


More tomatoes...

New squash between the compost bin and the tomatoes.

I re-planted the nectarine stick.  I've decided that the local dirt isn't terribly supportive of the plants I want to grow.  Filled the box w/ compost and bagged soil.

More berries

Tomato close-up I

Tomato close-up II

Tomato close-up III

I'm thinking that next year, the tomato garden should also be raised.  The Miracle-Grow soil I'm using in the raised beds is producing much better results than the non-amended soil.  I want bigger tomatoes, damnit!!

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