Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Garden VII

The garden seemed to hit a stasis period, then it exploded:

Flowering Basil

Flowering Oregano - regenerating in the middle


Nectarine Stick

Baby Melon Victorian Perfume, I think

Potential watermelon??

Thai Basil Bush...

Thai Hot Peppers - teeny, tiny nubs of new peppers...

Quince - I pruned up the shoots so it would concentrate on growing up.

Corn - silks and tassles... puny, tho.

Muskmelon, methinks...

Garlic (in front) onions (in back).

Tiger Lilly, no lillies

Royal Candles

First decent size tomato!


Newer squash plant

The beds encroach!

Then I started playing with the macro lens on the camera:

Macro lens Basil blossom
More Basil blossoms

Melon blossom

Squash blossom

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