Saturday, August 11, 2012

2012 Street Fair

Today is Red  Lion Street Fair day. The boro blocks off Main and Broadway, for about a block in all four directions.  Most of the usual suspects - police, fire, commercial booths for wireless phones, insurance, home repair/upgrade and solar energy.

Main Street, looking south from Broadway.

York Area Regional Police Mobile Command Unit

Remains of the RLFD rescue demo.

My favorite just down the street from me, the Big Green Ice Cream Machine!
I took the opportunity to visit a couple of places that I had not ventured into previously.

First was the American Legion Post.  Since I am not a veteran, I'm not normally allowed.  But today, they were open and selling food, so I stuck my head in.  Large hall, with a bar along most of one wall.  Don't think a photo is appropriate, since it was pretty full of members and guests.

My next stop was the train station.  They were running the trains on the big layout, and Ed, the society president, gave a little talk about it.

The original station sign.  Affectionately known as "The Ma and Pa" line.

Ed giving his talk.  Says he was "railroaded" into being president.

Round house and turntable

Looking across town east to the coal mine.

Balancing rocks.  Note gramma on top!  Whimsy abounds.

Hand built - not a kit!

Membership info.

Ed invited us back at Christmas time, to see the addition of two levels above the existing layout, complete with  three waterfalls!

My last stop was the Fitness Factory.  I met Larry, the owner.  He's a (young) retired basketball coach, who bought the gym about a year ago.  Really reasonable rates.  I'm going to have to join!

Next door to the Fitness Factory, I met  the young woman who runs the  massage therapy place that the dogs and I go by several times a week.

Relaxing Note Therapeutic Massage

 I also met Dr. Joe, the Dallastown chiropractor.  I'm looking for someone who isn't going to try and lock me into "the program".  He seems a promising candidate.

More, later!

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