Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Walk in the Park

Turns out there's a really nice park about 3 blocks from the house.  It has become the dog walking site of choice on really hot days.  I noticed that Dakota especially was beat up after even a short walk thru as much shade as possible around downtown  I did a little research, and discovered that dogs not only cool themselves by panting, but also thru the pads on their feet.  

Dakota seems much more energetic when we get back from our walks in the park.  My theory is that the abundance of shade, coupled with the shaded (cooler) ground, plus a usually nice breeze makes for a more dog-friendly (and me-friendly) walk.

Cool, happy dogs! Suzu on the left, Dakota on the right.

Nice patch of shade, one of many.

I've also noticed the occasional "installation" at the base of random trees.  Today, it was  this:

Sylvan offering?

A small circle, piled with nuts(?).  You can see the green husks scattered at  the right.

The first one I found left me thinking about "The Blair Witch Project", but that's just me.  I do wonder about their significance.

I'm remembering to take my phone with me, so I can get pictures as we walk.

More later!

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