Sunday, October 28, 2012

As they say...

...posting may be light.  Or non-existant for the duration of Sandy.

 Got a full tank of gas & fresh oil in the engine.  Made arrangements with my neighbor, Sandy (no, really!!)to park my truck next door, out of reach of the big walnut tree if it falls.  One load of laundry to do. Outside freezer on super cold.  Have beer. wine & gin if the fridge.  Making chili, pork roast and cookies today and tomorrow.  Getting old-fashioned dead tree substrate books from the library tomorrow.  Freezing pint bottles of water  Got propane cylinders for camp stove.  Ton o' batteries.

Gotta bring in all of the potential flying objects.

The first inland "S" on the strom tracks you see... that's pretty much my house.

I've been following Google Crisis... they seem to be doing a good job of it:
You can play with what's displayed.

Gas stations and grocery stores were pretty busy last night.  Thankfully, I'm done!

More as it develops.

I'll try and post from my 'Droid, if it comes to that.


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