Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's Beer...

...and shower o'clock!

I've got the back 40 cleared of potential missiles.  A lot of it stacked on the side porch.  The monster table saw is still where Nick and I left it when we moved it from my storage space.  It is, however, covered with plastic sheeting, as is the folding table saw.

Bbq and smoker are next to the "open" cinder block wall, heavily weighted down.  Didn't remember to think about getting something to tie them down.


Trimmed the excess tarp from the back roof.  The idea of that one is to prevent any more water damage to the exterior-facing wall under it.

Will move the Blazer next tomorrow.

Gusty winds and a stead drizzle right now.  According to the 'Droid, local temp is 49 degrees.

Have to secure the storm windows here in the office.  Requires crawling/moving furniture.  Tomorrow.  (And some pictures, too!)

Let the hunkering begin!

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