Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday's Friday Garden

So, I got the garden just about finished, absent a tweak or two.

First, the obligatory establishing shots.

 I'm using a watering can to water, since there is no exterior faucet and no hose. I have no hose, since I tossed it because it leaked.  A lot.  So, I'm only watering areas of interest, not each entire bed. My theory is that will cut down the growth of weeds. (A Science Experiment!!)

The kitchen bed, with tomato, onion, oregano, basil (seed pod), and lettuce.

Followed by the Mystery Melon patch and the Blackberry stick.

Front double bed, with tomatoes, another blackberry stick, with two rows of pepper seeds, one of Poblano and one of Serrano.

The rear double bed, with a tomato, a red pepper seed pod, two Anaheim chilies, and two rows of red, white and blue potatoes in the back.

The low bed, with red onions, along with garlic and even more onions (yellow).

The rose stick:

The red tulip-like flowers...

Close-up on the blackberry:

Mystery Melon row 1...

...and Mystery Melon row 2:

Finally, another mini-green house. It contains three of the six-packs that you get plants in at the garden shop, only I've loaded them up with potting soil and Thai Hot pepper seeds.  I'm hoping to get some peppers to start, so I can put them in the middle of the front double bed.

It's obviously a home-brew deal - I had an extra clear plastic lid from one of those bake and take sets, which I'm using as the green house 'glass'.  It happened to fit best on a glass 9 X 13 baking dish I have, so that's the bottom.  I used clear packing tape to affix the lid to the pan. The pots are left over from previous plantings.  If you hang on to those, you can get a bake and take set of two tops and two aluminum pans pans and make your own seed starter thingie for way less than a kit costs.  And a small bag of potting soil is way more than you need for this scale of operation!

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Deb said...

I've been told that you'll need to prune the blackberry to get it to actually form a bush rather than a vine.