Saturday, June 20, 2015

Straining Gnats

Well, the old screen door on the side porch is as fixed at it's going to get today.  Primary goal #1 - no holes in the screen, no gaps at the edges, and no flying bugs in the house. Done.

On my first go-round, I tried to 'fit' two bits of screen material to the two openings. Came loose in about a day.  This time, I tacked a single piece up, then put up the molding, used the new box cutter to trim away the excess, et voila'!

Just needs some holes and small divots filled, then paint.

The lower half has been more problematic:

I 'replaced' the old, loose board across the bottom. And, I screwed up the dado work on the right side, so it really isn't a great fit. Thus, for my next trick, I'm going to re-replace the board, and do the dado work right this time. (Godamnit!!) Then molding and paint.

I also need to shave the right edge down just a tad. It sticks almost like it's nailed to the frame during the summer (humidity == swelling is my guess), During the winter, the hook won't reach the eye to lock it,  Sigh.

So, yeah, a productive couple of hours!!

In other news, the new 'fridge arrives Monday, and the roof should be sealed/coated by the end of the week!

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