Sunday, June 10, 2012

About this blog

I grew up in Los Angeles when newspapers were, well, newspapers.  I avidly read two columnists who wrote for the L.A. Times,  Matt Weinstock and Jack Smith. They weren't political columnists, they were observers of life around them.  I remember Matt Weinstock writing about the phenomenon of traffic on the Santa Monica freeway slowing as it went thru the cut between Normandie and Rimpau.  For unknown reasons, drivers slowed as they went thru, in either direction, no matter what time of day or night. (Except late at night, when the kamikaze rice-rocket boys blasted thru traffic at near warp speed.)

Jack Smith wrote mostly about his life in his neighborhood just North-East of Downtown L.A.  Of the two, he had the longer run, and I enjoyed him the most.  He is the one who is providing the inspiration forthia blog.  I intend it to be about life in my new home town, in the tradition of Mr. Weinstock and Mr. Smith.  If I could write half as well as either of them, I'd be twice the writer I am now.

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