Saturday, June 30, 2012

Friday Garden IV (Late)

It was too frikkin' hot yesterday to go out, stand in the sun, and take pictures.  It's not as hot today (90+), but there's a good cloud cover plus a breeze, so it was tolerable enough.

You may notice that the chicken wire enclosures are down.  The melons and squash were attempting a break from confinement.  I decided to set them free so they could concentrate on making actual melons and squash, instead of fence climbing.

So, without further delay...

The Herb Patch

Baby Romas


Early Girl
The Raised Beds

Thai Peppers (new), corn and melons

Melons, melons, squash and corn

Nectarine Stick

Quince stick, garlic, sunflower and more Thai Basil.

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