Sunday, June 10, 2012

Friday Garden

I am attempting a modicum of discipline with this blog.  As a start, I plan on documenting the progress of my garden on a weekly basis.  So here is week the first:

Clockwise from top:  the compost bin, rosemary (about a year old), oregano (also about a year old), sweet basil, and Thai basil (purple tops).  You might be able to see the onion tops in front if you look closely.

Thai Basil

Tomato Patch - about 5 or 6 varieties

The raised beds

Watermelon and peppers, plus some corn and squash (not yet sprouted)

Cantaloupe, honeydew, and corn.  Some garden predator has dug up the red corn seed, and the remaining shoots, as you can see in the back.  (Even after I put up the chicken wire.  Guess it wasn't the chickens...)

Garlic in front, quince "stick", (someday "tree") in middle.  Replaced dug up corn w/ one Thai basil and onions.  Possible sunflower in upper left, and rosebush overshadowing upper center/right.

Tiger Lillies

Purple Thingies

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