Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Garden

Here we go again...

Establishing shot.  Can't believe how much has grown in one week.  I got out and trimmed back lawn and weeds, for a tidier look.

Tomatoes and melons.  The Early Girls are almost as tall as the Big Mommas.  Melons are doing well. too.

I potted several of the pepper plants, because most of them were getting over shadowed by the tomatoes.  So now I have 'Pepperland'!

Kitchen bed is well.  Two new garlic have sprouted!

Blackberry is healthy !

Onions and garlic!  New garlic sprouts in the lower-left quadrant!

Tiger Lilies and Royal Candles.

Tiger Lilies, and the lost-in-the-weeds blueberry!

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