Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday's Friday Garden (I know!!)

Got back from Gettysburg on a beautiful Spring day, with my phone in my pocket, so, pictures!!

First, the top of the stairs establishing shot.  All of the rain and sun have engreenified things tremendously.

The nascent blackberries:

Yellow onions on the right, and 15 garlics in the upper left quadrant. I put some Thai Hot pepper seeds down the middle of the lower left, along with four red onions I salvaged, and the more garlic.

 The Quince, garlic, Early Girl tomatoes and the peppers are well:

The Big Mommas (on the left) are living up to their name, almost obliterating the peppers.  I'm not used to tomato plants this big.

Three buds on one of the Big Mommas:

And two small, green tomatoes on the other!

The kitchen bed is well, as are the Tiger Lilies and the Royal Candles.  Photos I took, not so much.  I've added some garlic and pepper to the kitchen bed, and I have another sprout in the sprouting set that I put together.  I'll find out what it is (looks like maybe a pepper), and figure out where to put it!

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