Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday's Friday Garden

Things are growing!

Well, sort of... the yellow onions seem healthy, but the reds look DOA.  Still gotta get some garlic in there.

Quince, tomatoes, peppers and garlic are looking good.

Blackberry is almost bush-like this year!

Tomatoes, peppers and melons all standing tall-ish.

Kitchen bed holding its own.  The basil is blooming already, which means I need to do some trimming.  Perhaps this evening...

Close-up on the Rosemary and Basil.

Production notes:

The colors are a tad washed.  I used the phone's lighting correction, because of the overcast.  I have other photos that are cyanotic, so I'm not using them.

I tweaked the layout a tad.  This lets me display the landscape shots at a larger size!  I'll go back and update the last garden post, now.

1 comment:

Mr. Bingley said...

Fresh basil can't be beat!

I've got a bunch of different peppers growing too; just love 'em.

With the reddish tint you should send these to NASA; they might slip them in the Mars lander photos and cause some excitement!