Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday's Friday Garden

We got rained out on Friday, so we're late again.  The rain was steady and gentle from Thursday evening through last night- just the sort us farmer love.  (Heh.)

First, the kitchen bed.  Something got at the sage, so there's only one plant that is robust - the others are in recovery.  The robust one is between the tomato and the baby basil at the bottom, and you can make another one out to the right of the Poodle's ribbon.

Next, the blackberry, looking quite healthy with a number of blossoms:

The yellow onions are doing well.  The reds, not so much. I finally got garlic in the upper-left quadrant.  It's too early to tell, I think.  Maybe Thai Hot peppers where the dead reds are...?

Tomatoes, peppers and melons.  The Big Mamas int the back of the bed have some blossoms, as do a couple of the peppers and melons:

Side view:

The back corner bed, with tomatoes, garlic and hot peppers:

The Quince stick and fading roses. (I have no idea where the warp effect on the left came from!)

Tiger Lilies:

More Tiger Lilies and the  Royal Candles:

More to come!

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